Student Perceptions of Engagement in a Mandatory Programatic Service Learning

  • Gina Fe Causin Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Chay Runnels Stephen F. Austin State University
Keywords: Hospitality, Service-Learning, Community Engagement, Experiential Learning, Benefits of Service Learning


Service learning opportunities in the hospitality industry are particularly important for students seeking to work in the meeting and event planning industry. The study examined whether the service learning assignment: (1) personally benefitted the student; (2) benefitted the sponsoring organization; (3) student’s participation enhanced the visibility of the hospitality program; (3) where beneficial to the student’s career goals; and (5) increased the student’s awareness of community issue or events. The results indicated compulsory service learning assignments have benefitted the students personally and career wise. In addition, it benefitted the sponsoring organization as well as enhanced the visibility of the hospitality program.