Service-learning in a Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management Academic Program

  • Kevin Naaman
  • Chengming Hu
  • Brandon Howell
  • Weixuan Wang Indiana University Bloomington
Keywords: service-learning, tourism and hospitality, barriers, undergraduate curriculum, professional development


One-hundred and twenty-three undergraduate students in three Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management (THEM) courses participated in a survey that captured service-learning barriers and perceptions of the experiences over the course of the 2017 spring semester. Results from the exploratory factor analysis generated three distinct factors from the perceived benefits of service-learning: (1) civic engagement, (2) social awareness, and (3) translational learning. Statistically significant negative correlations were found between barriers and perceptions of service-learning benefits. Implications from this research includes the identification and creation of interventions to reduce barriers so students may receive the benefits associated with service-learning.