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It intends to provide a global platform for innovative and applied studies that make a significant contribution to the practice and development of events and tourism products and services.</p> Godwin-Charles Ogbeide ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-28 2018-12-28 1 1 1 3 10.18060/22905 Challenges for Sustainability in the MICE System <p>The meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) sector has been a leader in the adoption of sustainability practices, but challenges remain. This paper addresses several of the challenges facing MICE as it works to become more sustainable. The paper examines the complexity of operationalizing sustainability in a way that supports ongoing performance management. The paper also outlines the usefulness of systems thinking when considering MICE, a complex, adaptive system (CAS), and examines the implications of this approach when seeking to support change toward sustainability in both components of the system and in the system as a whole.&nbsp;</p> Jonathon Day ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-29 2018-12-29 1 1 4 12 10.18060/22833 Important Information Sources to Form Destination Image and Event Image <p class="ABKW" style="margin: 0in; margin-bottom: .0001pt;">This study examined what information sources were used by individuals to form their image of a destination and an event. In addition, this study looked into the differences in important information sources based on sociodemographic variables. The results of the comparative analyses showed some significant differences in information sources for destination image among four country context groups. Of the sociodemographic variables, differences were found between certain information sources and education level and income level. Also, significant relationships were found between information sources and age. This study has implications for destination marketing organizations and mega event organizers.</p> Jeeyeon "Jeannie" Hahm ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-29 2018-12-29 1 1 13 27 10.18060/22726 Cost Benefit Analysis of Hotel Recycling Practices in India <p>Waste reduction practices like recycling are not only beneficial to the environment but can provide economic benefits and enhance the image of the Hoteliers. There is a need for more studies on the economic benefits of recycling practices to the hoteliers. This study investigated the cost and benefit analysis of solid waste reduction via recycling in India, by exploring eight highly rated hotels and assessing the average recycling benefits attributed to these hotels in India. The result indicated that by practicing recycling, the hospitality industry would protect the environment while generating economic benefits from waste reduction.</p> Nripendra Singh Godwin-Charles Ogbeide ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-29 2018-12-29 1 1 28 34 10.18060/22826 Examining the Visitor Profile and Event Characteristics of a Festival <p>Festivals and special events serve as important attractors for destinations and provide unique experiences for visitors. The purpose of the study examined the visitor profile and event characteristics of the 2015 Louisiana Seafood Festival.&nbsp; Food and beverage and music were the top rated aspects of the festival most important to the attendee. Results showed that the festival made a valuable contribution by attracting nearly 56,000 attendees. The visitor profile provided valuable information on visitor characteristics, event characteristics, and visitor spending.&nbsp; The event organizers can use the visitor profile for marketing and advertising efforts to attract more patrons to the festival.</p> Yvette Green ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-29 2018-12-29 1 1 35 45 10.18060/22785 Student Perceptions of Engagement in a Mandatory Programatic Service Learning <p>Service learning opportunities in the hospitality industry are particularly important for students seeking to work in the meeting and event planning industry. The study examined whether the service learning assignment: (1) personally benefitted the student; (2) benefitted the sponsoring organization; (3) student’s participation enhanced the visibility of the hospitality program; (3) where beneficial to the student’s career goals; and (5) increased the student’s awareness of community issue or events. The results indicated compulsory service learning assignments have benefitted the students personally and career wise. In addition, it benefitted the sponsoring organization as well as enhanced the visibility of the hospitality program.</p> Gina Fe Causin Chay Runnels ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-29 2018-12-29 1 1 46 52 10.18060/22776