Reinventing the wheel: Effectively revamping LibGuide structure at Cunningham Memorial Library

Shelley Denise Arvin, Cheryl Blevens


Having created LibGuides since 2008, Indiana State University librarians’ early efforts soon lacked cohesion as additional content was added in various boxes, tabs, and subtabs. This resulted in an analogous house with odd rooms, windows and doors poking out from unusual positions. Experience has triggered ideas for improvement so when approached by teaching faculty to create LibGuides for their departments, the librarians have begun to design the LibGuides as a series of strategically planned connections. This connectivity approach moves away from simply providing information links to adding value with the informational content drawn from the librarian’s knowledge of the discipline, in partnership with the discipline’s faculty, to assure alignment with learning objectives and coursework.


faculty collaboration; Library subject guides; INFORMATION literacy

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