Using AEJMC Conference Abstracts in Journalism and Mass Communication: An Introductory Awareness Tool for Librarians

  • Anne L. Buchanan St. Xavier University
  • Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel Purdue University
Keywords: abstracts, AEJMC conferences, journalism, mass communication, research


Journalism and mass communication research constitute a vibrant and creative arena in which many emerging interests and subjects converge.  Surveying and using conference papers is a sound approach to gaining insight into trends, if not recent research topics and prevailing interests of a given field.  This cursory examination of AEJMC conferences for 2000-2009 offers an open window into the trends and preoccupation’s of researchers in the journalism and mass communication field.  Examination and discussion of data, reveals particular loci of specialization and emergent trends.  As an awareness tool and approach the use of conferences and their respective listings is a valuable tool for librarians engaged in reference, instruction, as well as collection management.