Vol 16, No 1 (1997)


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Title Page, Table of Contents PDF


Introduction to This Issue PDF
Emily M. Okada 3-4


The Bibliographic Instruction/User Education Section of the Indiana Library Federation PDF
Arena Stevens 5-7
Introduction to Library Research: Instruction Video PDF
Indiana University Libraries 8
Information Literacy: The Search for Practices and Policies PDF
Dennis Kreps 9-12
Hands Off My Hands On!: The Trials and Tribulations of Adding an Electronic Classroom to Your Library Instruction Program PDF
Marsha Miller 13-20
Computing for Seniors at the Brownsburg Public Library PDF
Kristina Daily-Brothers 21-23
Highway Guide: Teaching Internet Skills PDF
Laura Zick 24-37
Purdue University's Management and Economics Library Educates All Undergraduate Students PDF
Brent Mai, Judy Nixon 38-42
Instructional Partnerships: Team Teaching Global Politics and the Web PDF
Francesca Lane Ramus, Christine M. Larson 43-48
Team Teaching a Credit Class PDF
Michele C. Russo 49-53
Tippecanoe County Public Library: Small Business Breakfast Series PDF
Mindy Krushen 54-56
Instructional Materials in Print: On Paper or the World Wide Web PDF
Mary Pagliero Popp, Rita Barsun 57-60
Bibliographic Instruction- Credit Courses PDF
Judith Pask, Rosanne Cordell 61-63
Controlling the Internet PDF
Carol Abell, Jill Hobgood 64-66
Overcoming Resistance: Motivating Students to Join the Information Age PDF
Gail MacKay, Joni Kanzler 67-69
Moving Through the Internet: Teaching Internet Mechanics and Evaluation PDF
Sally Jo Milne, Arena Stevens 70-71
Database Dependency PDF
Patricia Hogan-Vidal, Dennis Kreps 72-74
Top Ten Things I Didn't Learn in Library School PDF
Joni Kanzler 75-78

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Back Matter PDF

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