• 20th Anniversary Edition of Advances in Social Work

    The Indiana University School of Social Work is pleased to release our 20th Anniversary Issue of Advances in Social Work. The current issue presents 10 empirical papers authored by 35 scholars and practitioners from 15 states in the U.S., Washington, DC, and Canada. The blind peer-reviewed papers touch upon various aspects of violence prevention or intervention, social work management issues, diversity and/or advocacy for particular populations, and teaching practice skills to online students. Advances in Social Work is committed to enhancing the linkages among social work practice, research, and education. While celebrating our first 20 years, we continue to look to the future and are grateful for the ongoing support of Dean Tamara Davis as we endeavor to document and share emerging knowledge in the field of social work in a fully open-access format.   Read more about 20th Anniversary Edition of Advances in Social Work
  • 2019 Reviewer Acknowledgments


    We would like to thank the many reviewers worldwide who contributed to the scholarship represented here and in other issues of Advances in Social Work this past year. In 2019, 189 individuals from 7 countries, 43 states, and 1 territory, and representing 112 colleges/universities and 3 organizations served as AISW reviewers. We truly appreciate the voluntary efforts of our reviewers in enhancing the scholarly contributions of the journal. We are very proud of both the broad participation of reviewers and of our legacy as an open access journal since 2008.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the many contributions of our Assistant Editor, Ms. Valerie Decker. Valerie’s diligent efforts on behalf of the journal include assigning reviewers, communicating with authors, copyediting accepted manuscripts, assisting guest editors with all phases of the review process, and basically keeping the whole process on track. Her work on the journal is what keeps it flowing. Thanks, Valerie!

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