Social Work Practice with Latinos Living with HIV/ AIDS

  • Diana Rowan University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Rich Furman University of Washington, Tacoma
  • April Jones
  • Kevin Edwards
Keywords: Latinos, HIV


This article explores social work practice with persons living with HIV/AIDS within the Latino community. It presents a general discussion of social work practice HIV/AIDS, followed by an exploration of culturally sensitive social work practice with Latinos. The authors then synthesize these bodies of knowledge into a discussion of HIV/AIDS in the Latino community, and social work practices that can be useful when working with this population. A case example of group work practice with Latinos living with HIV illuminates many of the themes explored throughout the paper. Finally, implications for social work practice are examined.

Author Biographies

Diana Rowan, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Ph.D.; MSW coordinator and lecturer
Rich Furman, University of Washington, Tacoma
Ph.D.; Asspciate Professor; Director of the Social Work Program
April Jones
MSW student
Kevin Edwards
MSW student