Mapping Community Capitals: A Potential Tool for Social Work

  • Kyle A. Pitzer Washington University in St. Louis
  • Calvin L. Streeter The University of Texas at Austin
Keywords: community development, community capitals framework, community practice, concept mapping, social work practice


Concept mapping can be a useful tool in social work practice at all levels. Mapping can help clarify and increase comprehension of abstract concepts, such as community capitals or assets. This paper describes community capitals, presents a simple method for mapping community assets conceptually, and demonstrates this method through two case examples. The cases detail activities of two organizations involved in work with communities. The development and leveraging of capitals is illustrated in both instances. Following the case examples, the significance and value of mapping in social work and suggestions for future research are discussed based on the mapping exercise.

Author Biographies

Kyle A. Pitzer, Washington University in St. Louis
George Warren Brown School of Social Work Doctoral Student
Calvin L. Streeter, The University of Texas at Austin
School of Social Work Professor