Translating Concept into Act forMulti-Cultural Practice: Comparison of Students’ and Field Instructors’ Perceptions of Diversity Training Effectiveness

  • Theresa J. Early
  • M. Elizabeth Vonk
  • Mary Ellen Kondrat
Keywords: Cultural competence, practicum, education


Education for culturally competent practice increasingly is a responsibility for social work educators.Using data collected for an evaluation of the field education component of a large,Midwestern social work program, the purpose of this study is to shed light on students’ application in the field practicum setting of classroom training in culturally competent practice. Responses were obtained from field instructors (n=76) and students (n=70). Students reported learning in areas dealing with diversity at statistically significant levels; however, instructor ratings of student competence were significantly lower than student ratings. Results are discussed in light of necessary attitudes, knowledge, and skills. Implications for program monitoring and improvement, education, and further research are discussed.