Vol 15, No 2 (2014)

Fall 2014

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Thank You and Good Night PDF
William H. Barton i-iv


Ethics Do Matter, But Where? PDF
Peter J. O'Brien 261-277
Social Workers as Civic-Minded Professionals PDF
Sarah E. Twill, Laura A. Lowe 278-293
Are Empathy and Compassion Bad for the Professional Social Worker? PDF
Peter Nilsson 294-305
Engaging Families, Building Relationships: Strategies for Working Across Systems from a Social Exchange Perspective PDF
Karen Rice, Heather Girvin 306-317
Self-Efficacy in Newly-Hired Child Welfare Workers PDF
Donna Cherry, Bruce Dalton, Angela Dugan 318-333
Special Needs Adoption and Foster Exigencies (SAFE): A Model for Case Managers PDF
Kristen Linton, Andrea Birmingham, Loren Case, Laura Ezzy, Jandee Ferguson, Courtney Harrison, Leina'ala Launiu 334-351
Influences on Interdisciplinary Collaboration among Social Work and Health Sciences Students PDF
Sang Jung Lee, Stacey L. Shipe 352-367
Collaborative Approaches to Undergraduate Research Training: Information Literacy and Data Management PDF
Hailey Mooney, W. Aaron Collie, Shawn Nicholson, Marya R. Sosulski 368-389
The Effectiveness of Writing Across the Curriculum in a Baccalaureate Social Work Program: Students’ Perceptions PDF
Naelys Luna, E. Gail Horton, Jeffrey R. Galin 390-408
Human Sexuality as a Critical Subfield in Social Work PDF
Emily McCave, Benjamin Shepard, Virginia Ramseyer Winter 409-427
Age Differences in LGBT Attitudes Toward Marriage Equality PDF
Elaine M. Maccio, Sara Mateer DeRosa, Scott E. Wilks, Amy L. Wright 428-443
Attitudes Toward Same-Gender Adoption and Parenting: An Analysis of Surveys from 16 Countries PDF
Darrel Montero 444-459
Waiting to be Cinderella’d?: Attitudes on Class Differences Among Women PDF
Leila Wood, Carol Hostetter, Sabrina W. Sullenberger 460-479
Social Distancing of Depressive and Panic Disorders in an International Sample of Social Work Students PDF
Donna S. Wang, Scott Smith, Chris R. Locke 480-494
What is the Role of Social Work in China? A Multi-Dimensional Analysis PDF
Jieru Bai 495-506
The Impact of an Indiana (United States) Drug Court on Criminal Recidivism PDF
John R. Gallagher, Eric Ivory, Jesse Carlton, Hon. Jane Woodward Miller 507-521
Aging in Rural Appalachia: Perspectives from Geriatric Social Service Professionals PDF
Natalie D. Pope, Diane N. Loeffler, D. Lee Ferrell 522-537

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