Vol 13, No 1 (2012)

Special Issue: Military Social Work

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Table of Contents


Embracing the Diversity of Military Social Work PDF
James G. Daley, Anthony M. Hassan i-iv


Social Work with Veterans in Rural Communities: Perceptions of Stigma as a Barrier to Accessing Mental Health Care PDF
Rebecca L. Stotzer, Julia M. Whealin, Dawna Darden 1-16
Military Social Work Thinking in South Africa PDF
Adrian D. van Breda 17-33
Supporting Resilience in the Academic Setting for Student Soldiers and Veterans as an Aspect of Community Reintegration: The Design of the Student Veteran Project Study PDF
Alexa M. Smith-Osborne 34-50
Child Parent Relationship Training (CPRT): Enhancing Parent-child Relationships for Military Families PDF
Staci J. Jensen-Hart, Jeff Christensen, Lacey Dutka, J. Corey Leishman 51-66
Promoting Military Cultural Awareness in an Off-post Community of Behavioral Health and Social Support Service Providers PDF
Christi Duette Luby 67-82
Are the Needs of Single Parents Serving in the Air Force Being Met? PDF
Samantha E. Blanchard 83-97
Lessons Learned in Afghanistan: A Multi-national Military Mental Health Perspective PDF
Randall C. Nedegaard, Rachel E. Foster, Mercy Yeboah-Ampadu, Andrew J. Stubbs 98-111
Problem-based Learning Strategies for Teaching Military Social Work Practice Behaviors: Review and Evaluation PDF
James D. Whitworth, Joseph R. Herzog, Diane L. Scott 112-131
Social Work in the Department of Defense Hospital: Impact of the Work PDF
Joan C. Beder 132-148
Build it Together and They will Come: The Case for Community-based Participatory Research with Military Populations PDF
Ellen R. DeVoe, Abigail M. Ross, Ruth Paris 149-165
The Unique Mental Health Needs of Military Women: A Social Work Call to Action PDF
Victoria A. Osborne, L. Ashley Gage, Abigail J. Rolbiecki 166-184
Assessment of PTSD in Older Veterans: The Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist: Military Version (PCL-M) PDF
Jeffrey S. Yarvis, Eunkyung Yoon, Margaret Ameuke, Sandra Simien-Turner, Grace Landers 185-202
War-related Trauma: Increasing the American GI’s Resilience through Marriage PDF
Warren N. Ponder, Regina T. P. Aguirre 203-215
Internet-based Spousal Communication during Deployment: Does it Increase Post-deployment Marital Satisfaction? PDF
Warren N. Ponder, Regina T. P. Aguirre 216-228
Helping Veterans and Their Families Fight On! PDF
Megan Hazle, Sherrie L. Wilcox, Anthony M. Hassan 229-242

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