Vol 15, No 1 (2014)

Special Issue: Eyewitnesses to History: First-Hand Accounts of Sages of the Profession

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Table of Contents


Sages of the Profession: Celebration of our Heritage PDF
Gerald T. Powers, Virginia Majewski i-iii


The Profession’s Role in Meeting its Historical Mission to Serve Vulnerable Populations PDF
Dorcas Davis Bowles, June Gary Hopps 1-20
Building the Social Work Workforce: Saving Lives and Families PDF
Katharine Briar-Lawson 21-33
Reemergence of Policy Practice: A Journey Back to our Roots PDF
Katharine V. Byers 34-50
Parent Group Education to ENABLE “Barrio” Parents PDF
Herman Curiel 51-62
A First-Hand Account of Title IV-E Child Welfare Initiatives in Social Work Education and Practice PDF
Alberta J. Ellett 63-79
Reflections of a Latino in the Social Work Profession PDF
Alejandro Garcia 80-90
The Evolution and Changing Context of Social Work Education PDF
Shelden R. Gelman 91-104
The Origins and Future of Rural Social Work PDF
Leon Ginsberg 105-116
Existential Social Work PDF
Donald F. Krill 117-128
The Strengths Model: Birth to Toddlerhood PDF
Charles A. Rapp, W. Patrick Sullivan 129-142
The Development of International Programs in a School of Social Work PDF
Frank B. Raymond 143-162
The Evolution of Social Work Ethics: Bearing Witness PDF
Frederic G. Reamer 163-181
A Half-Century of Social Work Research: Advances and New Challenges PDF
Allen Rubin 182-195
The Professionalization of Baccalaureate-Level Social Work PDF
Bradford W. Sheafor 196-206
A Shifting Paradigm – Medical to Interactional Model: A Personal History PDF
Lawrence Shulman 207-229
Building the Profession’s Research Infrastructure PDF
Betsy S. Vourlekis, Joan Levy Zlotnik, Juan Ramos, Kathleen Ell 230-245
Ruth Irelan Knee: Influencing Progress in Mental Health PDF
Kenneth Wedel 246-260

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