Focus and Scope


Potential categories of papers include:


Research Articles: 1) Research about HIA as a practice; 2) Adapted HIA reports into condensed scientific articles.


Proceedings: Articles summarizing events and outcomes of Health Impact Assessment meetings and conventions.


Lessons from the Field/Practitioner Tips: Articles which discuss lessons learned by practitioners while completing Health Impact Assessments. These articles may provide tips and advice for other practitioners working on Health Impact Assessment research across a broad array of disciplines and information on the outcomes of previously completed Health Impact Assessments.


Book Review: Reviews of books pertaining to Health Impact Assessment Research.


Letter to the Editor: A forum for readers to comment about articles recently published in CHIA, and a place to publish concise articles, such as reports of novel cases.


Other: Any article which does not fit into one of the aforementioned categories, but may be a good fit for CHIA, may be submitted for review by the CHIA Editorial Staff.


We strongly encourage submission from practitioners, academics, students, and international authors.


Peer Review Process

There will be a minimum of two reviewers for every submission. The reviews are double anonymous. Reviews are typically completed within approximately four weeks. Reviewers are responsible for: providing constructive, concise recommendations to both the editors and authors; offering substantiated comments about the strength and weaknesses of the methods, presentation, and interpretation of findings; and commenting on the importance, relevance, and likely newsworthiness of the manuscript for journal readers.

Reviewers are recruited from the HIA field, community leader/policy advocates, and academia. Reviewer assignments are based upon areas of expertise.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

About the Journal


The editorial board and staff of the CHIA strive to give expression to health impact assessment research and scholarship while serving the public health profession.


A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a systematic process that uses a variety of data sources and analytic methods and input from community stakeholders to determine the potential health effects of a proposed policy, program, or plan. HIA's provide recommendations to decision makers on how to adjust the policy or program to minimize negative health effects and increase potential health benefits. 


The Chronicles for Health Impact Assessment is sponsored by IU Richard M Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI, Health Policy and Management Department, and Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment.

Sources of Support

The Chronicles of Health Impact Assessment gratefully acknowledges the support of the Health Policy and Management Department of the IU Richard M Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI and the Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment.

Journal History

The Chronicles of Health Impact Assessment (CHIA) is an open access online journal. This peer-reviewed periodical has been created with the intent to serve the public health profession and encourage health in all policies. The journal strives to give expression to health impact assessment research and scholarship to serve public health and planning professionals.