Program of the Section on Botany

  • C. L. Porter


Abstracts included:

Ralph M. Kriebel: Notes on the distribution in Indiana of Quercus Shumardii Buckley and its so-called variety Schneckii (Britton) Sargent

Louis Martens: Dioecism in Carex picta

C. M. Palmer: Distribution of Lemanea in relation to geological formations in southern Indiana

Raymond E. Girton and Carl H. Gardner: Another photoelectric device for measuring leaf areas

Arthur T. Guard: Studies on control of tulip blight

Jean Paul Barnett and J. E. Potzger: Pollen study of Cranberry Pond near Emporia, Madison County, Indiana

Robert L. Prettyman: Fossil pollen analysis of Fox Prairie Bog, Hamilton County, Indiana

William M. Smith: Pollen spectrum of Lake Cicott Bog, Cass County, Indiana

Ernest Rice Smith: Notes on a suggested treatment for fall hay fever


Author Biography

C. L. Porter
Program of the Section on Botany