Program of the Section on Geology and Geography

  • W. LeRoy Perkins


Abstracts included:

Alfred H. Meyer: The Geomorph; an earth museum-laboratory

Robert W. Karpinski: The changing northern and western boundaries of Indiana territory and state

Frank B. Wade: On the true nature of a polished surface of gem stone

Stephen S. Visher: Regional contrasts in Indiana deaths from violence (Death rate study No. 4)

H. P. Ulrich: The surface geology of Bartholomew and Brown counties

Wallace T. Buckley: The Columbia Basin reclamation project

Clyde A. Malott: The nature of some favorable oil-bearing structures in the Pennsylvanian of southwestern Indiana

Fred J. Breeze: An exposure of New Corydon limestone in a new quarry at Huntington, Indiana

Stephen S. Visher: Indiana regional contrasts in rainfall intensity and some apparent effects thereof


Author Biography

W. LeRoy Perkins
Program of the Section on Geology and Geography