Program of the Section on Physics

  • Leslie I. Steinbach


Abstracts included:

Hubert M. James: Quadrupole rotation-vibration spectrum of hydrogen

R. D. Myers: The angular distribution for resonance disintegration

Arthur Haas: The basic principles of the physics of the universe

Eugene Guth: Comparison of the structure of natural and synthetic rubber

J. Franklin Carlson: Collision of two Dirac particles

E. P. Miller and K. Lark-Horovitz: The structure of the non-crystalline forms of selenium

Robert M. Whitmer : Anomalous dispersion of calcite in the x-ray region

K. Lark-Horovitz: Can ferro-magnetism be detected by x-rays?

J. D. Howe and I. Walerstein: Effect of fringing flux in large magnets

W. J. Henderson : The production of radioactive substances by bombardment with alpha particles

Victor G. Reiling and George B. Collins: Asymmetric radiation produced by cathode rays

Herbert C. Hazel: Modulation

E. S. Akeley: Stochastic processes and generating functions

A. L. Foley: The earth's forces and motions

Author Biography

Leslie I. Steinbach
Program of the Section on Physics