• Floyd E. Beghtel


Abstracts included:

Ina Stanley: A comparison of market milk from ten Indianapolis companies by use of the direct microscopic method of analysis

John W. Howell and Ray C. Friesner: A fossil pollen study of Kokomo Bog, Howard County, Indiana

Winona H. Welch: Prominent European botanists and herbaria

James H. Otto: Forest succession in the southern limits of Early Wisconsin glaciation as indicated by a pollen spectrum from Bacon's Swamp

C. Mervin Palmer: Additional records for some of the less common algae

Lawrence J. King: Notes on an early and little known Indiana botanical journal

J. E. Potzger: Microclimate, evaporation, and epiphytic mosses

William Allen Daily: A quantitative study of the phytoplankton of Lake Michigan collected in the vicinity of Evanston, Illinois

Raymond E. Girton: A test-tube spiral absorption vessel

Ruth R. Richards: A pollen profile of Otterbein Bog, Warren County, Indiana

J. E. Potzger: Notes on Indiana grasses

Clinton H. Hobbs: A modification of the Osterhout apparatus for the measurement of plant respiration

M. L. Lohman and Wilma E. Burman: The malachite-green differential culture-test as applied to sex-reaction strains of Nectria coccinea

Paul Weatherwax: The anatomy of the leaf of Streptochaeta spicata, a tropical grass

Author Biography

Floyd E. Beghtel