Geology and Geography

  • S. S. Visher


Abstracts included:

E. R. Cumings: Some little appreciated features of the desert

E. R. Cumings: No New Corydon in the Huntington quarry

T. M. Bushnell: The taxonomy of Indiana soils and its relation to other natural sciences

Clyde A. Malott: The Hazelton Bridge formation of the Upper Pennsylvanian of southwestern Indiana

Clyde A. Malott: Karst features in the badland shale areas of Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

M. M. Fidlar and Gordon F. Fix: Recent oil and gas discoveries in Indiana

Walla.ce T. Buckley: Reclamation in the Yakima Valley as a clue to the prospects for the Columbia Basin Project

Floyd Hurlbut: The Far Eastern conflict from the viewpoint of a geographer long resident there

J. E. Potzger: Climatic changes during post-Pleistocene times as indicated by fossil pollen in Indiana bogs and lakes

A. V. Lott: Further studies of certain atmospheric variations

Frank R. Hall: Geographic background of the Gallup, New Mexico, intertribal ceremonial


Author Biography

S. S. Visher
Geology and Geography