• S. E. Elliott


Abstracts included:

S. E. Elliott: Wave motion demonstration

F. E. Dart and E. Guth: On the thermoelastic properties and on the equation of state of rubber

H. J. Yearian: Proton diffraction by vapors

R. R. Ramsey: A fundamental error in wave motion

R. R. Ramsey: Modulation a linear process

J. F. Carlson: The scattering of barytrons

W. J. Henderson: The Purdue cyclotron

Eugene Guth: On the interaction of high energy electrons with nuclei

Edward A. Coomes: On the preparation of metal surfaces for electron emission studies

Hubert M. James: Continuous spectra of H2 and D2

Julian K. Knipp: On the van der Waals energy of two beryllium atoms

Oliver E. Glenn: The fashioning of perfect ellipsoidal boulders by glacial action

C. Lanczos and G. C. Danielson: Application of trigonometric interpolations to x-ray analysis

Bernard Waldman: The resonance processes in the disintegration of boron by protons

C. O. Pauley: A device for demonstrating the resultant of two concurrent forces

Robert L. Anthony: The trochoid method of magnetic focusing as applied to a study of pair production by electrons


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S. E. Elliott