• A. R. Eikenberry


Abstracts included:

L. P. Harshman: Orientations in mental deficiency

Geo. A. Kelly: The place of the psychologist in the small school system

A. C. Williamson and H. H. Remmers: Persistence of attitudes concerning conservation issues

Bryan Payne: An experimental comparison of old and young coordinations in normal college adults and diagnosed pathological cases

James S. Karslake and Joseph Tiffin: A simple and direct approach to measurement of the attention value of advertising copy through eye-movement photography

Robert S. Daniel: The distribution of muscular action potentials during maze learning

Harry Mason: An experiment in shifting attitudes

Nathan B. Gewirtz: A practical test for punch press operators

Joseph Tiffin: Industrial psychology

Geo. A. Kelly: The person as a laboratory subject, as a statistical case, and as a clinical client

Author Biography

A. R. Eikenberry