• R. B. Abbott


Abstracts included:

R. B. Abbott and G. H. Purcell: Acoustical properties of wood for musical instruments

Franz N. D. Kurie: The Indiana University cyclotron

Arnold F. Clark and Franz N. D. Kurie: Focusing and resonance requirements for the Indiana University cyclotron

A. C. G. Mitchell, L. M. Langer, and P. W. McDaniel: The relation between the emission of beta and gamma rays in radioactive substances

George Dickson and E. J. Konopinski: Estimates of yet unobserved half-lives of artificial radioactivities

E. J. Konopinski: Effect of scattering in the source on measurements of beta spectra

C. M. Parshall and K. Lark-Horovitz : X-Ray diffraction in amorphous rubber

Lillian Thelma Coleman and Mason E. Hufford: Test of the Schwarzschild equation for varying development temperatures


Author Biography

R. B. Abbott