• C. P. Hickman


Abstracts included:

W. A. Hiestand, Helen J. Ramsey, and Doris M. Hale: The effects of cigarette smoking on metabolic rate, heart rate, oxygen pulse, and breathing rate

W. E. Martin: The life cycle of Monorcheides cumingiae (Martin) (Monorchidae, Trematoda)

Helen L. Ward: A note on the occurrence of a syrphid larva as an accidental parasite of man

W. C. Randall and W. A. Hiestand: Panting and temperature regulation in the chicken

R. M. Cable : Egg production in trematodes with special reference to Spelotrema nicolli (Microphallidae)

Francis Wenninger: Notes on Miranda aurantia

Murvel R. Garner, Markland Morris, and Glen Wood : Preliminary limnological survey of Dewart Lake, Kosciusko County, Indiana

J. J. Davis : Insects of Indiana for 1939

B. Elwood Montgomery: Records of Indiana dragonflies, 1937-1939

Author Biography

C. P. Hickman