• Gary Dolph


Abstracts included:
William W. Bloom. A Proposed Third Function for Root Caps
William Davies. Utilization of an Artificial Beach in Investigation of Phytopsammon communities
Gina Fernandez, Jay H. Jones, and David L. Dilcher. A Developmental Study of Foliar Epidermal Features in Castanea mollissima Blume (Fagaceae)
Stephen W. Fletcher. Effects of Irradiance on the Morphological Characteristics of Two Plant Species of the Maritime Strand
Vonda Frantz and Kathryn Wilson. The Ultrastructure of Nonarticulated Branched Laticifers in Asclepias tuberosa L. (Butterfly Weed)
Jay H. Jones and David L. Dilcher. Paleobotanical Nomenclature: Principles, Problems and Proposals
Stephen R. Manchester and David L. Dilcher. Fruits of the Pterocarya alliance (Juglandaceae) from the Paleogene of the Rocky Mountain Region
John L. Roth, Jr., David L. Dilcher, and Brent A. McKim. Stomatal Development in Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal
Robert Schwarzwalder, Jr. and David L. Dilcher. Bisexuality in the
Pistilate Inflorescence of Platanus occidentalis L.
James P. Shepard and William R. Chaney. Endomycorrhizae Increases
Growth of Sycamore Seedlings
Marilyn Sue Veselack and Jerry J. Nisbet. The Distribution and Uses of Arundo donax
Robert D. Williams. Squirrel Resistant Walnuts for Direct Seeding? Not Yet
Wayne T. Williams and Roland W. Usher. Air Toxicity to Eastern White Pines in Indiana