• Edward Miller


Abstracts included:
Randall K. Atkins, Paul L. Bock, John A. Mosbo, and Bruce N. Storhoff. Comparisons of the Semi-empirical Molecular Orbital Treatments MINDO/3 and MINDO with Some Simple Phosphines
John E. Bartmess, Robert L. Hays, and Stephen R. Wilson. Gas Phase
Chemistry of 1,3-Dithiane
Stanley L. Burden, David Woodall, Kathleen Donica, Rick Thompson,
Jon Condit, Steven Beeson, and Douglas Taylor. Laboratory Interfacing with the Apple II Plus Microcomputer: A Computer Controlled Titrator with High Resolution Color Graphics Display
Marshall P. Cady, Jr. Test of a Nonisothermal Apparatus Suitable for the Study of Energy and Mass Transport Coefficients
E. Campaigne and R. Yodice. The Schmidt Reaction of 3a,4,5,6-Tetrahydrosuccinimido [3,4-b] acenaphthen-10-one and Its Alkylated Derivatives
R. J. Coffey, D. J. Reuland, and W. A. Trinler. The Identification of Synthetic Fibers of Forensic Interest by a Combination of Differential Thermal Analysis and Infrared Spectrophotometry
Joseph J. Gajewski and Kevin E. Gilbert. Energy Surfaces of Sigmatropic Shifts
Robert H. L. Howe. The Chemistry of Cyanogen Compounds Degradation
Mark D. McIntire, Paul L. Bock, John A. Mosbo, and Bruce N. Storhoff. Parameterization of the Empirical Molecular Conformation Approach CAMSEQ for Phosphines
Thomas W. Myers and Pang F. Ma. A Study of Adenosine Deaminase in
Human Serum
Lois M. Ounapu, John A. Mosbo, Paul L. Bock, and Terry L. Kruger. Equilibria Between Diols and the NMR Shift Reagent Eu(fod)3
Shashi Puttaswamy and Pang F. Ma. A Comparative Study of the Interaction Between the Conversion Factors from Human Tissues with the Small Forms of Adenosine Deaminase from Various Organisms
Brenda L. Schuffman and Eric R. Johnson. The Hydrolysis of Bovine
Glucagon by a Denaturant-stable Protease
Eugene Schwartz, Mark Bradley, and Timothy Neufeld. Dielectric and
Electronic Polarizations of Substituted Metal-Acetylacetone Complexes
Wanda J. Wills and Eric R. Johnson. The Isolation of a New Denaturantstable Protease from a Commercial Protease Preparation, Pronase