• Donald D. Gray


Abstracts included:

Warren W. Bowden - Development of a Robust Routine for Calculating Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Conditions

Christopher B. Burke - Combined Sewer Separation: Case Study

David D. Chesak - Microcomputer Driven Multi-Point Controller

Wayne F. Echelberger, Jr., J. Michael Jeter, Steve W. Kim, and J. C. Randolph - Chemical and Physical Characterization of Wastewater Sludges in Indiana

Aldo Giorgini and Mark Smith - Particulate Sedimentation in Shallow

Robert H. L. Howe - The Boundary Conditions of Oxygen Transfer in Water with Respect to Temperature

Robert H. L. Howe and Hakki Dingil - The Determination of the Rising Velocity of a Gas Bubble Through a Liquid Column by Howe's Method

P.G. Katz and G. H. Tobes - Difference Models of River Reaches.

A. Ramachandra Rao - Analysis of Suspended Particulate Data from Chicago

Gerard F. Sheldon and Donald D. Gray - Performance of the Purdue Hydromechanics Laboratory Closed Circuit Wind Tunnel