• Everett F. Morris


Abstracts included:

William W. Baldwin, Ming Tseng, and Marshall Landay - A Simplified Method for Storing Anaerobic Bacteria

Kenneth F. Bartizal, Margaret H. Beaver, and Bernard S. Wostmann - The Effects of a Hexaflora on the Morphology of the Gerbil

Larry Herrman and Mary Lee Richeson - Isolation, Identification, and Reinfection of Cephalosporium spp. and Two Bacteria Associated with Wilt in Helianthus annuus

Robert H. L. Howe - Dissolved Oxygen Profile of an Aerobic Bio-Reactor

Mark O. Oster and Sylvia Brehm Oster - Search for Phosphoproteins in Bacillus subtilis

Toni L. Poole and Carl Warnes - Rate Studies on Microbial Chitin Decomposition in the Freshwater Habitat

Mary Lee Richeson and Larry Herrman - Isolation and Identification of Two Bacteria Associated with Wilt in Helianthus annuus

Dilipkumar Vyas and Bruce Storhoff - Methodolgy for Measuring Nitrogen Fixation by Acetylene Reduction in Beijerinckia and Klebsiella in Stream Litter Decomposition

Dilipkumar Vyas, Donald Hendrickson, Carl Warnes, and Bruce Storhoff - Investigation of the Role of Beijerinckia and Klebsiella as Nitrogen Fixers in Stream Litter Decomposition

Microbiology and Molecular Biology