• Robert R. Pinger


Abstracts included:

Larry L. Ganion - A Freeze-Fracture Study of the Mouse Ovarian Follicle and Zona Pellucida

John D. Goodman - The Northern Ringneck Snake A Host of Cepedietta sp.

G. R. Hogan - Variation of Lead Acetate-Induced Mortality in Estradiol- Treated Male Mice

Mohinder S. Jarial - The Fine Structure of the Rectal Pads of Grylloblatta compodeiformis

Doyal R. Lank, Jr. and Alice S. Bennett - Fatty Acid Distribution in Salamanders of the Family Plethondontidae

Richard O. McCracken, Peggy A. Johnson, and Doris D. Taylor - Biochemical Effects of Tioxidazole on Hymenolepis diminuta in vivo

Ronald L. Richards - Vertebrate Remains from Carcass Crypt Cave, Lawrence County, Indiana

Henry Tamar - The Movements of a Jumping Rotifer, Polyarthra sp.