• Morris Wagner


Abstracts included:

D. D. Despommier, M. Kajima, and B. S. Wostmann. Visualization of Antibody-binding Sites on the Larva of Trichinella spiralis using the Ferritin-conjugated Antibody Technique.

C. L. Baldwin. A Proposed Universal Biohazards Warning Symbol.

P. L. Knight, Jr., and B. S. Wostmann. Oxygen Consumption in the Adult Male Rat.

T. J. Starr. A Cinemicrographic Record on the Effect of an Antimitotic Substance Derived from Marine Algae on Animal Tissue-Cultured Cells.

B. S. Reddy and J. R. Pleasants. Effect of Whole-Body Irradiation on Intestinal Disaccharidases of Germ-free and Conventional Rats.

R. G. Considine and T. J. Starr. Interferon Production in Gnotobiotic and Conventional Mice.

J. C. Pisane and R. J. Downey. The Possible Role of an Alpha-1-glycoprotein in Phagocytosis.


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Morris Wagner