• Jonathan N. Roth


Abstracts included:

P. J. Conrad. Metabolism of Arbutin by Selected Fungi.

J. F. Schafer and H. L. Shands. Inheritance of Resistance of Barley to Covered Smut.

J. F. Schafer, M. A. Ehrlich and H. G. Ehrlich. Ultrastructural Studies of Puccinia graminis Infection of Wheat Possessing Sr 11 Resistance.

S. N. Postlethwait. A Developmental Study of the Maize Mutant Silkless (sk).

S. N. Postlethwait and R. Mills. The Photographing of Serial Microscope Sections on 16 mm Movie Film.

J. S. Coartney, W. R. Eisinger and D. J. Morre. An Analysis of Calcium-induced Inhibition of Cell Expansion.

D. J. Morre, S. Kampmeyer and D. Hall. Preliminary Evidence for Secretion of Cell Dispersing Enzymes during Bean Petiole Abscission.

D. Trumbull, S. Grove, D. J. Morre and S. Kampmeyer. Ultrastructural Changes during Secretion of a Polygalacturonase by the Fungus Fusarium moniliforme.

W. L. Biehn. Physiology of Resistance of Glycine and Phaseolus Species to Fungi.


Author Biography

Jonathan N. Roth