• Robert E. Davis


Abstracts included:

A. G. Cook and C. R. Schulz. Reduction of Enamines with Secondary Amines.

A. G. Cook and W. M. Kosman. Homoconjugate Addition of Morpholine to Bicyclic Ketones.

R. B. Callen. Ionization Potentials of Three Hydrides of Phosphorus.

R. K. Bretthaur and R. K. Haroz. The Association of Ribonuclease with Yeast Ribosomes.

M. Martinez-Carrion and D. Tiemeier. Structural Differences between Heart Cytoplasmic and Mitochondrial Glutamate Aspartate Transaminases.

D. Meyers and F. Schmidt-Bleek. Injectionless Gas Chromatography.


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Robert E. Davis