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C. H. Tomak—Aboriginal Occupations in the Vicinity of Greene
County, Indiana

A. M. Stadler and G. K. Neumann—The Pottery of the Early
Woodland Component at the Crib Mound

N. A. Tague and G. K. Neumann—The Peopling of South America
as Seen from the Magdalena Valley

G. K. Neumann and Judith B. Gill—The Late Woodland Popu-lation at the Robert Gooden Site, Fulton County, Illinois

Elizabeth J. Glenn— The Physical Affiliations of the People of
the Oneota Culture

G. K. Neumann—The Assessment of Skeletal Age and Bone Mineral Content in Older Individuals

M. W. Pullen, R. J. Ferguson and B. K. Swartz, Jr.—The Con-tained Excavation of Hn-1 Mound Four (IAS-BSU)


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