Indiana Academy of Science


W. J. Brett and A. C. Singer— Long Term Chlorophyll Fluctuation
in an Evergreen—Juniperus virginiana

C. P. Daghlian and D. L. Dilcher—Philodendron Leaves from
Eocene Sediments in Tennessee

J. F. Hennen —Puccinia berberidis-trifolias, A Species Correlated
with P. gramiyiis

J. J. Conroy and R. J. Green, Jr.—Interaction of Verticillium
albo-atrum and Pratylenchus penetrans under Controlled Inoculum Densities

A. J. Ullstrup—The Epidemic of Southern Corn Leaf Blight in

L. R. Yoder and P. G. Mahlberg—Ceric Ammonium Sulfate. Use
of a Chromatographic Reagent in Fresh Tissue Studies of
Vinca rosea L.

C. T. Hammond—Development of the Hypocotyl and First Internode of Soybean

M. E. Bauer, P. H. Swain and R. Mroczynski—Detection of
Southern Corn Leaf Blight in Indiana by Remote Sensing


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