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C. L. Thrall and R. D. Joyner— Synthesis and Purification of
Phthalocyaninogermanium (II)

J. H. Meiser—The Contribution of Lattice Defects to the Heat
Capacity of Crystalline Materials

F. J. Holler and R. D. Joyner—Further Studies of a Cyanamide
Complex of Iron (II)

P. A. Kinsey—Integration of a Time-Sharing Computer into the
Chemistry Curriculum

T. L. Kruger and J. Sharp—Thermolysis and Photolysis of Some
l-Pyrazoline-3, 4-dicarboxylic Anhydrides

M. L. Druelinger and S. R. Lammert—Photochemistry of Conju-gated Dinitrones

T. L. Kruger and S. L. Hartzell—Preparation and Decomposition
of N-Alkyl-N-arylhydroxylamines

Josephine Shangkuan and L. C. Smith —The Effect of Vitamin-E
Deficiency and Dietary Histidine on Serum Aldolase and
Transaminase, and Tissue Phosphatase Activity

L. A. McGrew and T. L. Kruger— Kinetic versus Thermodynamic
Control: An Organic Chemistry Experiment

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