Abstracts, Notes

  • J. Hill Hamon


Abstracts included:

N. Eichelkraut and W. C. Gunther. Sugar Preference and Water Uptake in Heatstressed Chicks.

J. A. Mueller. Morphogenetic and Antigenic Studies on Aeolosoma hemprichi (Oligochaeta).

M. J. Wallace and T. M. Menke. The Manipulation of Mouse Ova in a Cytochemical Study of Early Cleavage.

F. D. Fulk. The Effect of the June Opening of Gigging Season on Indiana Bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana).

M. E. Damiano and H. Tamar. Effects of Ultraviolet and Antibiotics on Halteria grandinella.

Notes included:

D. Rubins. Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles in the Indiana State University Collections.


Author Biography

J. Hill Hamon