• Hayward Campbell, Jr.


Abstracts included:

B. H. Peterson, Z. Brahmi, J. S. Ingraham, and A. S. Levine. Development of a Modified Antibody Plaque Technique for the Detection of Single Cells Making Anti-viral Antibody.

K. Carlson and R. Bochrath. Amber Streptomycin-resistant Mutants of Escherichia coli.

B. Peri and M. Wagner—Immune Response to Streptococcus faecalis in the Rat.

A. C. Raitano and A. S. Levine. Enzymatic Effect of Cobra Venom on Rauscher Leukemia Virus (RLV).

W. F. Campbell and A. S. Levine. Suppression of Rauscher virus-induced Murine Leukemia by L-Asparaginase.

P. C. Morgan and R. F. Ramaley. Physiological Studies of the In-corporation of 5-Bromouracil During Growth and Sporulation in
Bacillus subtilis-168.

D. R. Brannon, M. Gorman, B. B. Molloy, W. M. Stark, and J.
Mabe. Biosynthesis of Thiadiketopiperazine Antibiotics.

R. H. Williams, J. C. Cline, R. E. Holmes, and M. J. Sweeney. Mycophenolic Acid: Studies on Biological Activities.

P. A. Lemke. Genetic Evidence for Resistance of Cephalosporium to Specific Compounds.

J. H. Nuner and R. J. Downey. Effect of Oxygen on the Synthesis of Nitrate Reductase in Bacillus stearothermophilus.

S. H. Kendall and S. A. Minton. The Serum Profiles of Certain
Reptile Sera and preliminary Observations on Antibody Formation in Snakes.

Author Biography

Hayward Campbell, Jr.