• Thomas R. Mertens


Abstracts included:

D. L. Dilcher and C. A. Zeck. A Study of the Factors Controlling
Variation of Cuticular Characters.

G. E. Dolph and D. L. Dilcher. An Eocene Discovery of Dendro-panax.

R. E. Girton. Effects of Selenium on the Respiration of Excised
Root-tip Segments of Maize.

A. T. Guard. Some Disappearing Plant Species.

A. J. Ullstrup. Weather and Corn Diseases in Indiana in 1968.

J. E. Rahe and J. Kuc'. Induced Resistance of Phaseolus vulgaris to Bean Anthracnose.

L. and A. Beesley. Lobelias of Franklin Co. and Indiana.

K. K. Curtis and D. E. Smith. Daily Variation in Chlorophyll Content of Corn Seedlings.

Author Biography

Thomas R. Mertens