Indiana Academy of Science


Dorothy Adalis and L. Scherich— A Study of Cecal Helminths
of the House Mouse, Mus musculus L., in Delaware County,

S. A. Minton—Indiana Turtles: Distribution Patterns and Present
Status of Populations

R. G. Pflanzer—Physiological Response to Submergence Asphyxia of Crocodilian Circulatory Systems

K. Adler—Function of Extraoptic Photoreceptors in Amphibian Behavior: I. Manipulation of the Biological Clock

D. H. Taylor—Function of Extraoptic photoreceptors in Amphibian Behavior: II. Compass Orientation

J. W. Townsend—Effects of Prolonged Subculturing on Morphology of Nasal and Gastric Porcine Trichomonads

R. E. Schaffer—Calorigenic Contribution of Brown Fat in Tamias

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