• William B. Crankshaw


Abstracts included:

R. M. Dinkel and F. Rothwell. Temperature and Moisture Relationships of Green County, Indiana Strip Mine Areas.

A. G. Craske, Jr. Ecological Site Preference and Taxonomic Differences within Two Acer saccharum-Acer nigrum Complexes found in Parke County, Indiana.

J. L. Gerwig and W. B. Crankshaw. Effects of Thermal Discharge
on the Phytoplankton and Macroinvertebrates of the Wabash

F. Morgan. Effects of Effluent on the Fish Population of Mill Creek, Rochester, Indiana.

P. T. McKelvey and C. E. Smith, Jr. A Study of Selected Physiochemical Properties of Two Indiana Main-Stream Reservoirs.

R. O. Petty. Pattern of Mesic Forest Succession at the Western

J. R. Gammon. The Effect of Inorganic Sediment on Macroinvertebrate and Fish Populations of a Central Indiana Stream.

Author Biography

William B. Crankshaw