• Robert L. Kent


Abstracts included:

L. and Adele Beesley. Trilliums of Franklin County, Indiana.

K. E. Nichols and W. W. Bloom. Report of a Carotenoidmutant
of Cyanidium caldarium.

W. W. Bloom and K. E. Nichols. Responses of Megagametophytes of Marsilea to Growth Substances with Respect to Rhizoid Formation.

B. O. Blair. Phenology Studies of Ten Species at Eleven Locations in Indiana.

L. Ford. Chromosome Associations in Corn Monoploids.

J. Yemma. A Microspectrophotometric Analysis of DNA in the
Heterothallic Species of Slime Mould, D. iridis, which Sometimes Exhibits Apogamy.

Fay K. Daily. Some Charophytes from the Pleistocene.

Author Biography

Robert L. Kent