• James E. George


Abstracts included:

L. G. Ong and E. Schwartz. Determination of the Hydrolysis
Constant of the Stannous Ion by an Electromotive Force Method.

J. Nowak, R. Williams and J. George. The Infrared Spectra of
Coordination Compounds.

R. L. VanEtten and D. S. Page. pH Dependent Isotope Effects
on the Flavin Enzyme L-Amino Acid Oxidase.

J. T. Snow and G. R. Bakker. A Kinetic Study of the Decarboxylation of Duroic Acid in Sulfuric Acid Solutions.

D. J. Cook. Molecular Complexes of Bromine and Various Substituted Carbostyrils and their Hydrolysis Products.

Author Biography

James E. George