• Thomas S. McComish


Abstracts included:

T. S. McComish and R. 0. Anderson. The Annual Growth Cycle
of the Bluegill.

P. G. Davidson and T. S. McComish. The Effect of Photoperiod on Growth of Bluegill.

J. R. Gammon. The Response of Fish to Heated Effluents.

T. E. Mangum, III and T. S. McComish. Preliminary Experiments
on Growth of Bluegill with Varied Feeding Frequency and Constant Ration.

Ruth A. Wilsey and T. S. McComish. The Relationship Between
Growth and Social Hierarchy in the Green Sunfish.

D. R. Goins. A Taxonomic Survey of the Ostracods of Delaware
County, Indiana.

R. D. Hart and W. B. Crankshaw. The Influence of Environmental Factors on the Concentration of Hydrocyanic Acid in Manihot esculenta.

M. T. Jackson and R. 0. Petty. A Comparison of Dominance
Expressions for Tree Species in Foley Woods, Edgar County,

D. Schmelz. Testing the Quarter Method against Full Tallies in
Old-growth Forests.

Author Biography

Thomas S. McComish