Abstracts, Notes

  • Richard L. Conklin


Abstracts included:

W. D. Mueller. Measurement of Ionization in Nuclear Emulsion by Lacunarity Technique.

M. A. Burkle and L. M. Reynolds. Operation and Flux Determination of a Neutron Generator.

L. K. Steinrauf, 0. Seely, J. A. Hamilton and J. M. H. Pinkerton. Molecular Structure of Thyroxine by X-Ray Crystallography.

J. F. Houlihan and L. N. Mulay. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies on the Magneli Phases of the Titanium- Oxygen System.

D. L. Steinert. An Evaluation of Relativistic Thermodynamics.

R. A. Llewellyn. Physical Oceanography in Indiana: A Study of
Horse Shoe Lake.

Notes included:

J. H. Hettmer. Polarized <sup>3</sup>He+ Ion Source for the Indiana University Cyclotron.

U. J. Hansen and J. L. Hazelton. Non-local Contributions to the
Cyclotron Absorption Spectrum for a Single Valley Semiconductor Model.

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Richard L. Conklin