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R. K. Togasaki and Margaret O. Hudock—Inorganic Arsenate as
a Tool for Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of Photosynthetic
Metabolism in Algae

P. Weatherwax—The "Liquid" Endosperm of Grasses

A. T. Guard— The Dichotomous Dilemma

R. A. Riepe and D. L. Dilcher—A Comparison of Modern and
Cretaceous Sassafras Leaves

C. T. Hammond and P. G. Mahlberg—Structure of Glandular
Hairs of Marihuana

L. R. Yoder and P. G. Mahlberg—Chromic Acid as a Selective
Stain for Laticifers in Vinca rosea

C. L. Gehring and S. N. Postlethwait—The Terminal Inflores-cence of the Maize Mutant Tassel seed-2

G, E. Dolph—A Review of the Fossil Apocynaceae from the
Eocene of Western Tennessee and Kentucky

F. W. Potter, Jr., and D. L. Dilcher—Revaluation of Engelhardia
of the Eocene of Southeastern United States

C. P. Daghlian and D. L. Dilcher—Middle Eocene Sabaloid

R. K. Horine—Cell Wall Regeneration Around Protoplasts Iso-lated from Convolvulus arvensis Tissue Culture

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