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F. Padgett and W. A. Summers—Electron Microscopic Study of
Anaplasma marginal by Negative Staining

L. F. Ellis and R. J. Douthart—Growth Cycle of Penicillium
chrysogenum Virus

D. A. Werderitsh, D. Shelton, C. Swan, C.-M. Haun, W.
Yunghans and D. J. Morre—Toxic Response of Mice to a
DDT Diet, Its Supression by Feeding and the Effect of

D, M. Huang, D. J. Morre and T. W. Keenan—NADH Dehydrogenase Activity of Golgi Apparatus from Rat Liver

T. W. Keenan, C. M. Huang and D. J. Morre:—Golgi Apparatus-Medicated Cytomembrane Differentiation in Rat and Bovine
Mammary Gland

Anne S. Susalla and P, G. Mahlberg—Ultrastructure of Green
Plastids in Leaves of Genetic Albino Tobacco

Shirley Siew— Use of the Scanning Electron Microscope in the
Investigation of Cardiac and Pulmonary Tissue

G. B, Boder and L. F. Ellis—Ultrastructure of Mouse Heart
Cell Culture

I. Watanabe, V. Patel and W. Zeman—Ultrastructures of Neu-ronal Lipofuscin and Ceroid

M. E. Jacobs—Effect of Beta-alanine on Glucose Catabolism and
Growth of Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells

P. V. Blair and L. Y. Chao—Inhibition of Succinate Oxidation in
Beef Heart Mitochondria by Derivatives of Pyridine Adenine

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