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L. Mullins, T. L. Kruger, Theresa Cheng, and J. Sharp—
The Synthesis and Decomposition of Some Interesting 1-Pyrazolines

T. L. Kruger, Nancy E. Tharp, and James W. Kress—Properties and Reactions of Some N, N-Diethylaniline Oxides

J. E. Rogers, Jr., and James Jose—Synthesis and Identification
of p-Benzoquinones Occurring in Arthropod Defensive Secretions

C. T. Botkin and R. E. Van Atta—A Chemical Study of the
White River at Muncie* 140
B. N. Storhoff and D. F. Storhoff—A New Experiment for
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry* 140
B. N. Storhoff—Rhenium (I) Complexes of 2-Cyanoethyldiphenyl-phosphine* 140
J. A. Scarlett and W. J. Stratton—Chelating Behavior of Some
New Sterically Hindered Tetrafunctional Azine Ligands* . . . 140
D. J. Harris and W. J. Stratton—Conductivity Studies in Ace-tonitrile for a Novel Series of Metal Chelates with 2-Pyridylmethylketazine* 140
J. D. Naylor and J. H. Meiser—A Counterdiffusion Study of
Ferric and Silicate Ions in Agar Media* 141
R. M. Lawrence and J. R. Relford—Liquid X-Ray Diffraction
Studies of the Structures of Aqueous Metal Nitrate, Acetate,
and Perchlorate Solutions Using Overviewing Techniques* . . 141
T. L. Kruger and J. W. Kress—Molecular Orbital Calculations on
Some Nitrogen Heterocycles* 141
R. M. Brooker—An Anticholinesterase Agent and Myasthenia
Gravis* . 142
P, Andermatt—The Biosynthesis of Steroidal Sapogenins* . 142
B. A. Thornburgh and P. F, Ma—Thin-Layer Gel Filtration
Studies of Adenosine Deaminases from Beef and Beef Fetus
Livers* . . 143
T. A. Magers and P. F. Ma—A Comparative Study of Adenosine
Deaminase in Human Tissue* 143
M. L. Druelinger and S. R. Lammert—Photochemical Synthesis
and Destruction of Oxaziranes* 143
L. L. Garber—Some New Approaches to Teaching Chemistry
for Non-Science Majors* 144

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