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R. W. Meyer and J. V. Osmun—Insects and Other Arthropods of
Economic Importance in Indiana During 1971

B. E. Montgomery—Survival of Odonata Naiads Through Drought
and Freezing

R. E. Siverly—Myiasis in Delaware County, Indiana, 1971, with
a Confirmed Case of Infestation by Wohlfahrtia vigil (Walker)

S. Betras and R. E. Siverly—Preliminary Investigation of the
Effects of Three Hormonomimetic Compounds on Larvae of
Culex pipiens pipiens L (Northern House Mosquito)

D. A. Shroyer and R. E. Siverly—A Preliminary Study of
Autogeny and Host Preference of Culex pipiens pipiens L.
(Northern House Mosquito) in East-Central Indiana

F. N. Young—Genetic Studies on Melanic Forms of Tropisternus
collaris (Fabricius) from North and South America

H. R. Lawson—The Planipennia (Neuroptera) in Indiana

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