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M. J. Murphy and J. P. Szabo—Glacial Geology of St. Joseph
County, Indiana (Map 1 :62,500)

R. W. Orr and W. D. Rebuck—Age and Correlation of Middle
Devonian Strata of Jasper County, Indiana

R. L. Powell—Structural Control of Cavern Development in
Northwestern Washington County, Indiana

J. H. Cleveland—To Harmonize a County—-A Proposed Integrated Study of Vigo County, Indiana

A. H. Meyer—Geography's Inherent Role in Environment Control

S. K. Pontius—Factors Associated with the Decline of Central
Place Functions on the Rural Poor of Monroe County,

H. W. Bullamore—The Relationship of Expensive Residential
Dwellings to Hilly Terrain

F. P. Kallay—Fulmendosa River: A Multipurpose Irrigation Project in Sardinia

D. L. Dilcher—Coal Age Tree Stumps in Indiana

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