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I. J. Hansen and E. M. Compy—Effects of Pressure on Elec-tronic Properties of Bismuth

R. Kaitchuck and N. G. Sprague—Photoelectric Photometry of
an Eclipsing Binary Star System

D. E. Michael and L. M. Reynolds—Neutron Activation Cross
Sections Using 2.8 MeV Neutrons

J. Swez, J. Westgard and L. Plew—The Numerical Lathe Fabrica-tion and Theoretical Evaluation of an Electron Lens

J. B. Westgard and D. G. Pitts—Tayex: A Taylor Expansion
Equation Solver

C. T. Wunker and P. R. Errington—D-178B Minuteman Missile
Computer Interfacing

D. L. DeMoss and C. C. Sartain— Growth of Single Crystals of
Alkali Niobates

K. E. Wright and C. C. Sartain— A Critical Study of the
Various Factors Limiting Resolution in Solid State Detectors

P. S. Marcus— Calculus Without Differentials 269
T. K. E. Alvager, R. A. Llewellyn and R. E. Pace:—Neutron
Activation Analysis of a Metal Button from the Site of Fort

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