Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Charles P. Warren


Abstracts included:

Gary D. Ellis. The Packwood Site: A Plow Disturbed Historic Structure

Ronald Hicks. Archaeological Investigations at Mounds State Park,

Helen R. Lim. Philippine Linguistics: The Concept of Subject and Topic in

Robert A. McDaniel. Development of a Dendrochonology Series for
Central Indiana

Brenda Pease. Paleo-Indian Occupation of the Upper Wabash Valley

James M. Peterson. The American Military Conflict in South Vietnam and
Its Effect on Negrito Populations of Western Luzon, Philippines

Paul Jean Provost. Prehistory, Politics and Contemporary Culture

William Reseigh and B. K. Swartz Jr. Ball State University Archaeological Field School Excavations for the 1981 Season at the Bertsch Site, Wayne County, Indiana

Willam R. Rheinhardt and Robert E. Pace. The Late Archaic Period at
the Blue Grass Site: French Lick Phase in Warrick County, Indiana

Alan C. Samuelson and Ronald Hicks. Geophysical Studies at the
Entrance to the "Circle Mound" Earthwork, Mounds State Park, Indiana

Daniel P. Thiel and Robert E. Pace. Test Excavations at the Multi-component Clark Site, Southwest Vigo County, Indiana

Curtis H. Tomak. The Early Archaic and the Swan's Landing Site

Charles P. Warren. A Reappraisal of the Batak of Palawan, Philippines,
in Light of New Field Data